Resources for More Information

With so much (good and bad) content available on the web, finding the most accurate and up-to-date information can prove difficult. That’s why we at South Valley Pediatric Dentistry want to create a one-stop resource for parents seeking thorough, researched, scientific advice for their children’s all-around dental health. Our blog, SVPD Kids, contains articles with that goal in mind. In order to do so, our articles lean on information from expert sources and other dental writers. The following are some sources we’ve found helpful. They provide clear, concise and correct information geared toward parents who want to give their children the best dental care possible.

South Valley Pediatric Dentistry’s Main Webpage – Our website contains specific information for parents of South Valley Pediatric Dentistry patients, as well as answers to frequently asked dental questions, introductions to our team of certified pediatric dentists, a list of our common services and other important information. This would be a good first stop for anyone curious about the world of pediatric dentistry.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry FAQ page – The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry is the leading authority on childhood dental care. Their website FAQ answers common questions about at-home and professional dental care to help parents navigate subjects such as tooth brushing, sealant applications, thumb sucking and more.

MyChildrensTeeth.Org – My Children’s Teeth is a webpage hosted by the AAPD which provides links to news articles and studies regarding pediatric dentistry.

Child Dental Health Page on Medline Plus – The U.S. National Library of Medicine’s online resource, Medline plus, provides accurate medical information for everyday use. Their Child Dental Health page includes links to informative articles and videos in addition to activities and games geared toward giving children positive associations with dental care.

In a world full of confusing, conflicting and sometimes outright false information, working out the truth of how to care for your child’s dental health doesn’t have to be impossible. Dependable sources such as the AAPD, The U.S. Library of Medicine and your local Dental Professionals can be a reliable resource for dental health facts.



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