Welcome to your Dentist


When is the last time you heard a child say they love going to the dentist? We get that all the time!

At South Valley Pediatric Dentistry our highly skilled Pediatric Dentists and dental assistants provide each child with individualized care and attention, tailoring the experience to your child’s specific needs.

But that’s not the only reason kids love to come and see us!

Our waiting room and treatment areas each display an aquarium full of bright saltwater fish – including some familiar faces from Pixar’s Finding Nemo! Kids love watching our sharks swim around the enormous center tank during their cleanings, if they’re not busy watching their favorite movie on one of our individual television screens.

Our patients are never bored in the waiting room either! Little ones can play with our train table while the older kids check out a Nintendo DS or ipad.

We know that children may experience a high degree of anxiety about the dentist, which is why we go to great lengths to create positive experiences early on. After all, a good first visit can set the stage for  good life-long dental health!


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